Cross-Disciplinary Journalism

By Qian Sun and Jelena Prtorić.

Is the way we think about journalism outdated? In this series, Qian Sun and Jelena Prtoric explore the potential of cross-disciplinary journalism.

Dancing on the Brink of Journalism

Episode 1

How do we define journalism? What disciplines does journalism touch upon and combine? How do theories guide practise? In this episode Qian Sun and Jelena Prtoric talk about how journalism can be developed and enhanced by borrowing insights from other fields.

Pandora’s Box: Data

Episode 2

Does working with data scare you? It certainly scares us. But knowing how to handle data can be extremely useful. Whether you are covering a story about climate change, or reporting on income inequalities, health statistics or elections, data journalism is no longer a novelty. What does it mean to be a data journalist today, and what can we learn from numbers? Join us for a conversation with Nicolas Kayser Brill from Algorithm Watch to find out.

People-Powered Approach to Investigation

Episode 3

Technological developments and the advent of social media have challenged the fundamentals of our profession. Media consumers are now also the producers. But do we have to see this shift as a challenge, or can it be an opportunity as well? We speak to Megan Lucero, the director of Bureau Local, to learn more about how to harness technology to tell stories.

A data journalist, a developer and a statistician walk into a newsroom...

Episode 4

Modern newsrooms aren’t solely staffed by journalists. An army of coders, statisticians, scientists, designers and artists work together across the world to create stories. In this episode, Uli Köppen, the head of data journalism at the German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (ARD), talks us through how hybrid newsrooms are managed and produce content.

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